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Penumbra is a co-op, PVE multiplayer online game that features text-based roleplaying, social gameplay, crafting, and resource management in an open world environment. Players take on the role of members of small, isolated settlements in a post-apocalyptic world and will have to find a way to survive and rebuild society while navigating the challenges and competing interests that arise. Their decisions will impact the fate of their community and the remaining human population.

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Penumbra is now available for early pre-alpha testing.

The following screenshots do not depict the final quality of the game.

Penumbra Screenshot1.png


Penumbra involves elements of adventure, survival, crafting and base-building gameplay, however it's primary purpose is to serve as a platform for memorable role-play experiences. We are developing all of the mechanics to enhance immersion and as such, early playtesting is an important part of our process - we want to make sure we're giving our players the tools they need to act out their stories.



We pride ourselves in having a friendly community of players. Our game is PvE and cooperative and provides an environment where you can work with a diverse set of characters to survive together and rebuild civilization.

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Penumbra is currently in development and restricted to closed alpha testers.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

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