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Penumbra is a hybrid graphical text-based roleplaying game where players take the role of genetically altered residents of a mysterious facility. You awaken without memories to a post-apocalyptic world where you are tasked with uncovering the secrets of abandoned cities and rebuilding civilization. 

Heavily focused on the themes of survival and unity in the face of adversity, Penumbra provides a unique roleplaying experience where players collaborate to shape the world around them, and create their own legends. 

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Penumbra is now available for early pre-alpha testing.

The following screenshots do not depict the final quality of the game.

Penumbra Screenshot1.png


Penumbra involves elements of adventure, survival, crafting and base-building gameplay, however it's primary purpose is to serve as a platform for memorable role-play experiences. We are developing all of the mechanics to enhance immersion and as such, early playtesting is an important part of our process - we want to make sure we're giving our players the tools they need to act out their stories.



We pride ourselves in having a friendly community of players. Our game is PvE and cooperative and provides an environment where you can work with a diverse set of characters to survive together and rebuild civilization.

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Penumbra is currently in development and restricted to closed alpha testers.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

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